2018 Trials Announcement

Northern Stars Volleyball Club is very excited to announce some changes to our club system which we will be unveiling in readiness for the 2018 season. In previous years our team setup has been for players to be graded into their divisions and remained in these teams for the duration of the season. For 2018, we are transitioning to a squad setup, where the Super League 1, 2 & 3 teams will train together as a squad of 30 players. Team selection will occur each week and players can be moved around from team to team within the squad. This move to a more professional setup will give coaches the flexibility to manage game time and development based on performance and an individual player or teams’ needs. Early indications from our head coaches is that they feel this greater flexibility will see the development of junior players accelerate and the performance of senior players lift and provides a very exciting platform with which to launch our 2018 WAVL campaigns from

Northern Stars is very excited to take this step and as a result has elected to change the way trials and grading are performed to reflect the new squad setup. For 2018, we have set up two sets of trials; each set consists of 3 nights spread over 3 weeks:

  • The first 3 trial nights are the WAVL SL1 & SL2 Squad trials and will involve high performance evaluation. It is recommended for players who are involved in VWA state teams, have previously played in Super League 1, 2 or 3 or feel they can qualify for SL 1 or 2 to trial during these nights. 20 players will be selected from this set of trials to go into the SL Squad.
  • The second set of 3 trial nights are for players who may not have been selected at the initial trials and/or are looking to play in Super League 3, Super League Reserves, PVL or Junior League. 10 players from this set of trials will be selected for the Super League Squad and the remainder of players will be graded into the Reserves, PVL & Junior League teams as required.

Northern Stars is also very aware that many players have obligations with state beach trials / training. As such, NSVC has contacted VWA in regards to making these dates free for players to attend trials during the first week of grading on 7 or 8 February.

With the changes that have been made as well as wealth of coaching experience throughout the squads and teams, Northern Stars feel that we are well placed to see strong personal and team development of players throughout 2018.

For more information about trials nights, please see our Trial Advice form as well as trials and selection policies which are available at www.northernstarsvolleyball.com. For any further questions regarding trials or other topics please contact enquiries@northernstarsvolleyball.com.