Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services do Northern Stars (NSVC) provide?

NSVC provides athletes with the opportunity to compete in competitive indoor volleyball in the WA Volleyball League (WAVL) & WA Volleyball Junior League (WAVJL). The WA Volleyball League is open to athletes of all ages and skill levels, with Junior League available to high school students.

When will training be held?

  • Training will be once a week for Junior League, and up to twice a week for WAVL teams.
  • At this stage we cannot be sure on the day of training for any team as we are waiting for venue booking confirmations. You will be notified of training day/s and time/s by the end of trials (normally via email).
    • If the athlete has registered but is unavailable on the training night once they are announced, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate them on an individual basis.

Where will training be held?

  • We cannot confirm the venue of trainings at this stage. Joseph Banks Secondary College is our main training venue, and whilst we know that club teams will be training there we cannot clarify which teams until venue bookings and the number of teams are confirmed. You will be notified of training venue by the end of trials (normally via email).
  • We are currently looking at schools in the northern suburbs for potential hire arrangements. If you have a contact that could help us out, make sure to let us know!

When are games played?

  • WA Volleyball Junior League games are played on friday nights in Terms 2 & 3. There are no games during school holidays
  • WAVL games are mostly played on Sundays at various time slots during the morning & afternoon. State League & SL Reserves competitors should expect to play additional Friday night games as well. Games run through school holidays.

Where are games played?

  • Games are held at a wide variety of locations throughout the Perth Metro area;
    • WA Volleyball Junior League primarily uses The RISE in Maylands, however secondary school gyms are often used as alternative venues.
      • Junior League teams are advised that they may be scheduled to play at Mandurah Baptist College once per season.
    • WAVL primarily uses Warwick Stadium, Loftus Recreation Centre & Cockburn ARC as playing venues, however other venues may be utilised through the season.

How much does it cost?

The cost is variable dependent on gym hiring and game fees. Players participating in WAVL could expect to pay up to $700 for a season, and Junior League could expect to pay up to $400 for a season. These figures are estimates only.

The payment process is layered, and we strongly recommend checking out our How To Play section for a step-by-step guide on how to complete the full registration process.

What is the process for joining NSVC?

  • Registration is available at the start of each year through an online form
    • The club additionally endeavours to hold an annual information day before trials to allow people to meet committee members and ask any questions face-to-face.
  • WAVL Trials for the club are generally held in February, with training starting in March.
  • WAVJL Trials for the club are generally held in March, with training starting in April
  • The competitive season typically begins in late April or early May and extends through until mid-late September

When are registrations and sign ups available?

  • Information for registrations and forms are released on our social media (Instagram & Facebook) closer to trial dates. This information typically comes out in Janurary for WAVL and February for WAVJL.

What is the difference between WAVL and WAVL Junior League?

  • When registering to play for Northern Stars in 2024, you are able to either register for the WA Volleyball League (WAVL) or the WA Volleyball Junior League (WAVJL).

  • WA Volleyball League – Contains the State League and Divisions competitions; these are open competitions for all ages. Teams are graded by skill. Games are generally played on a Sunday at a variety of metro Perth locations – up to Cockburn Arc and run through the school holidays. This competition is mostly comprised of adult players of all skill levels and advanced junior athletes (over 16yo is recommended).

  • WA Volleyball Junior League – A junior-only competition that runs on Friday nights during Terms 2 & 3. Teams are graded by highschool year group; there are Year 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 competitions. Games are played around the metro Perth region, however please do be aware that there can be game/s as far as Mandurah.

Which league shouId I pick for my child?

WAVL is typically geared towards adults and advanced junior athletes. In years past, we have had our younger state junior players participate in the lower divisions of WAVL or in WAVJL, while a handful of our older state players made it into State League Reserve and higher divisional teams (U18, U17 and U16 state players.)

Whether you opt for WAVJL or WAVL is up to you however as WAVL is geared more towards competition, court time isn’t always guaranteed or equally shared whilst WAVJL prioritises allowing the players to play.

For those still undecided on which is the right fit for your child, our YouTube channel contains a number of games from the previous season for our WAVL teams. This can be used as a reference for the level of competition in WAVL.

Can I participate in both WAVL and WAVJL?

  • Players can participate in both competitions, however there also may be instances wherein their WAVL training night may conflict with Junior League games.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot make individualised adjustments on training for each player so all costs for both teams will be applicable regardless of what sessions you are able to attend. 

Off Season Sessions

  • If you’re looking into more indoor volleyball play, we have some Facebook groups for our off-season sessions.
  •  Mens –
  •  Womens –  

Where can I play if I miss trials, don’t want to play competitively or if I’m not eligible to join?

You can contact some of our affiliates and supporters (external links);

Has your question not been answered? Please feel free to contact us.